St Patrick's Staff
College Executive
Principal Ms Leonie Pearce
Assistant Principal Mrs Christine Harding
Leader of Religious Education Ms Maria Bautista
Leader of Teaching and Learning Mrs Kate Hellyer
Instructural Specialist Mrs Gillian Rowling
House Coordinators
Coolock Ms Alison Conlon
Carita Mrs Janine Janssen
McAuley Mrs Karen McNamara
Mercedes Mrs Kylie Bordignon-Hock
Positions of Responsibility
Diverse Learning Ms Allison Dutton
Diverse Learning Mrs Debra Streater
Diverse Learning Ms Kathy Swan
Diverse Learning Ms Sophie Havers
IT Mr Craig Coates
IT Mr Kritish Ram
Library Mrs Jenny Warner
Numeracy Mrs Robyn Garlick
Mercy Action Group (MAG) Mrs Lisa Overton

Mr Andrew Mackenzie

Mrs Joanne King

Business Manager Mr John Williams
Bursar Mrs Meredith Rees
Principal’s Assistant Ms Laura O’Donnell
Receptionist Mrs Jackie Pagano
Student Services Mrs Diane White